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In A Nutshell

At Sinin's Kitchen we offer bespoke events catering and private dining experiences throughout the United Kingdom. 

We work closely with our clients, designing our menu's and creating dishes around their individual tastes and needs.   

We work responsibly and sustainably, ensuring our ingredients are of the best quality. 



Food is about making people happy and at Sinin's kitchen we are passionate about not only meeting our clients expectations, but exceeding them.

Our team have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience within fine dining cultures, both at home and abroad and it is our goal to bring this to our clients, creating both amazing food and fabulous memories.   

Wedding Table


Whether planning a wedding reception, birthday celebration or honouring a loved one, Sinin's kitchen can help. We offer our services throughout the United Kingdom and cater for all sizes of events.


We offer a range of catering services, such as set course and buffet style dining tailored around the event, client tastes and specifications. Choose from our range of sample menus including Cuisine themed, Canape and Barbecue. Or use these as a guide to prepare a bespoke menu in consultation with our chefs. All dietary requirements are catered for and vegan and vegetarian alternatives are available on request.

Fancy Dinner Party


Planning a more intimate event? We bring fine dining into our clients homes throughout the United Kingdom.


We offer private dining experiences, whether a romantic meal for two or a dinner party with family and friend, so why not let the restaurant come to you. 

Select from our range of sample menus, including 3, 5, 7 and 9 course, Indian, Mexican, Italian and French themed. Or you can work with our chefs to create a bespoke menu. We offer vegan and vegetarian alternatives and cater for all dietary requirements.


So how does it work?

We will gather the ingredients for your selected menu and do some initial prep in our kitchens. On the day of the event one of our chefs will come to your home or place of the event, cook the food in the kitchen provided, serve the food and clean up before they leave.



My love of food started at a young age, growing up in Goa I was exposed to not only super fresh ingredients, such as same day caught seafood, but I also had the best teacher there is, my mother. All meals were made from scratch, using local cooking methods such as the tandoor and barbecue. The variety of spices and fresh fruit and vegetables was amazing and my mother taught me how to blend them and use spice to bring out the flavour, not just blow your head off! 

Goa’s style of cuisine is a fusion of Indian and Portuguese, there is lots of spice, seafood and of course flavour. This is the foundations of my cooking ethos and style. I have a love and respect for the classics but am always looking to innovate and modernise where I can. I love experimenting with different flavour combinations and encouraging people to try something new, however I am not a fan of change for the sake of it, changing a classic should be done to elevate what is already there.   

Through my work in well-known Central London and the South restaurants I have gained further exposure to cuisines such as Italian, Mexican and Thai as well as being immersed in the British fine dining culture and seeing first-hand how a professional kitchen runs. Working with such talented people inspired me to push myself both in knowledge and technique and I soon found myself running my own brigade. With every success came a hunger for more and it is through this hunger that I became the proud head chef at Sinin's kitchen.

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